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SM Educamos Somorrostro: Una plataforma de gestión educativa que podrá aprender en luz de la realidad virtual. Ingeniosa y potente, SM Educamos Familias te permite aprender en luz desde cualquier parte de la mundo, si no tiene tiempo para encontrar el servicio educativo de tu ejercicio y trabajar de manera agradable.

Platforma de gestión educativa sm educamos somorrostro

SM Educamos is a web platform for educational management. Unlike most systems, this one is personalized and customizable. It is designed to facilitate learning and communication in schools. Can also help to analyze data at the school level.

It is based on Microsoft Azure, which allows it to adapt to local needs. In addition, the system is secure and intuitive. Teachers can also use it to plan classes, track students’ progress, and communicate with parents and families. It also has an app for Android and iOS.

sm educamos somorrostro

One of the benefits of using this platform is that it can be used for multiple professors in a group. Another advantage is that it can help with economic management. It can also be used to store relevant information and documents.

Microsoft Azure

In addition, this platform is compatible with digital content from other editorials. It can also be used to manage class lists, class schedules, and alumnus notes. It can also be used for financial management.

The system has a mobile app, which allows students to take notes during class. It also provides a personalized web interface for students. It is synchronized with the Educamos app, which is used by teachers to plan class schedules and take attendance.

This solution is free for educational institutions, and it is easy to use. It has been used in more than 1,200 educational institutions.

Apuesta por la realidad virtual

SM Educamos is a platform for promoting digital education in schools. It offers a new training system, educational games based on gamification, and access to a Moodle training platform. The SM e-learning website provides an excellent example of a digital education solution that uses the latest technology to promote learning and collaboration.

The SM e-learning platform is currently used by Somorrostro Va, a secondary school in San Pedro del Valle, Chile. In the future, the school plans to incorporate the SM e-learning platform into the school’s educational management system. Besides using EDUCAMOS to enhance the student experience, the school plans to implement other strategies, including using the platform to better organize class schedules and academic information.

SM E-learning

As a student at SM e-learning, you have the opportunity to participate in various educational activities, including virtual field trips, simulations, and online learning. The school’s website offers information on academic opportunities, including an online course catalog, a library of educational resources, and a plethora of online learning courses. Aside from the traditional school curriculum, SM e-learning is expanding its offerings to include the school’s after school program. The school has also embraced technology by launching a maker space to encourage students to engage in digital projects.

In addition to the SM e-learning platform, the school has adopted other technologies, including Furku, a virtual learning environment. The SM e-learning website is also home to the school’s SM e-learning blog, where students can share ideas and learn more about digital education.

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